College Students and Seniors Live And Thrive Together

"There's a tendency as people get older to isolate. In this community, there's less opportunity to do that, because we have the kids here!"

That's how one resident explains the beautiful benefits of the partnership between the Judson Manor senior living facility and the Cleveland Institute of Music, in which students from the institute are offered free housing at the senior living facility. With the younger generation comes energy, conversation, and of course musical ability—and the three students we spoke to say that they get just as much in return from living with the folks at Judson Manor. One student, Daniel Parvin, describes the benefits as "free housing, and 100 surrogate grandparents," with a big smile on his face.

It's beautiful to see the group dinners between Judson Manor residents of vastly different generations, and to hear from both sides how much they enjoy one another's company. We especially love seeing the older folks' faces light up as they take in a performance from three student musicians!

The partnership between Judson Manor and the Cleveland Institute of Music started in 2010 and has been a huge success. More recently, Judson expanded the program to include undergraduate students from the Cleveland Institute of Art and partnered with Case Western Reserve University to offer similar opportunities to CWRU students. We expect great things from both new initiatives!

Watch and see how a little music and some delicious recipes have brought young and old together to make a happy community.

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