Stray Dog Joins Extreme Athletes On 65-Mile Adventure

A team of Swedish extreme athletes, led by Mikael Lindnord competed in a 6-day race through the Ecuadorian rain forest. Just before they set off on their last bike ride and jungle trek they came across a stray dog named Arthur. They gave the friendly pup some food and love which made them his new best friend; he never left their side. Arthur joined the group just in time for a 24-mile hike through the jungle.They didn't want to bring him along because they thought it wasn't safe for him. But the determined pup had other plans. He followed them into the water for the 41-mile kayaking leg of their journey. They pulled him aboard and he ventured the rest of the journey with them.

After the race he received veterinary care and was adopted by team captain Lindnord. "He is a wonderful dog, maybe not the cutest, but he is Arthur!" Lindnord said. That has to be the best 'Homeward Bound' story I've ever heard.

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