This Man Goes To Incredible Lengths To Hold On To True Love

True love is hard to come by, so why would this man give it up? He didn't. In fact, 93-year-old Clarence Purvis refused when people told him to move on.

Clarence met Carolyn in 1948 and one year later they were married. For 63 years to be exact, before Carolyn passed away at the age of 81.

"Ain't nobody loved one another more than me and my wife loved one another," Clarence tells me. "I wanted what she wanted and she wanted what I wanted."

You may think that's where their love story ends, but you'd be mistaken; Carolyn's passing hasn't stopped Clarence from loving her with all of his heart.

Prior to her death, Clarence and Carolyn dined at one of Reidsville's hottest lunch spots, Smith's Restaurant everyday for 13 years. And to this day, you will still find Clarence at their favorite table enjoying the day's special, with the love of his life.

Clarence and Carolyn enjoying a meal together at Smith's

In addition to the lunch, at least four times a day, Clarence drives to the Glennville Cemetery to visit Carolyn's gravesite. Once at the gravesite, Clarence gets down on his knees, removes his hat and kisses the tile portrait of Carolyn attached to the marble headstone. He then talks to his wife and it's truly breathtaking to see.

Oh, and you probably noticed, he keeps Carolyn's grave-site immaculate.

Clarence and Carolyn's love story is one to be cherished, providing hope to all the skeptics of true love out there.

Video Credit: NBC12

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