Store Employee Restores Mom's Christmas Spirit With Kind Gesture

If you asked Holly Cooper last week how she was feeling this holiday season she would have told you she was ready for it to be over. But after a trip to a local store, her Christmas spirit has been restored. Holly and her 5-year-old son Cooper were at a local drug store when the boy expressed interest in a toy. His mom told him she couldn't buy it for him. He wishfully responded that he wanted to leave the toy for Santa at the front of the store. So that is just what he did. He brought the toy to the cashier and tearfully asked her to leave it for Santa. The cashier Connie Cave was heartbroken by Jesse’s sadness. After mom and son left, Connie bought the toy for Cooper and wrote him a letter from Santa. When Holly returned to the store later that day to purchase the toy- her heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and Christmas spirit. She couldn't believe a stranger would do this for her son. It is acts of kindness like these that make this season so magical.

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