Softball Pitcher Carries Injured Batter Around Bases After Home Run

A Florida Southern College pitcher gave her teammates the ultimate lesson in sportsmanship and compassion after she carried an opponent, who injured her knee, around the bases after hitting a home run.

According to ABC Action News, during a recent game, Kara Oberer of Eckerd College, who injured herself in an earlier inning, toughed it out and stepped up to the plate. The count was 2-2 and Chelsea Oglevie of FSC throws “a rise ball out.”

Oberer took a swing and knocked a three-run shot out of the park.

And then it happened.

“My knee was so locked up and every time I tried to move it, that's when the terrible pain came,” Oberer told the news outlet. She got between the middle of first and second base and couldn’t go any farther.

Without missing a beat, Oglevie along with another teammate ran to Oberer’s side and carried her around the bases, making sure to touch each one with each pass.

Although Eckerd won the game 4-2, it was Oglevie who came out the real winner, even though she doesn’t think she did anything extraordinary.

"It really didn't cross our minds that we were doing anything significant. It was just second nature. Any person who respects and honors the game should reach out a hand and do what we did," Oglevie told ABC Action News.

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