CJ Jones Shows Us Signs of Laughter

CJ Jones is not your average entertainer. He is deaf, but that doesn't stop him from following his dreams. He is a director, producer, writer, and stand-up comedian who has had a prolific career.

CJ was born in St. Louis, MO, one of seven hearing children born to Deaf parents who communicate in American Sign Language. At age 7 he was struck very ill with spinal meningitis, and consequently lost his hearing. CJ rebounded from this setback and ultimately became a deaf leader at his High School. He was class president, a cub scout, varsity football quarterback, a state pole vault record holder, and voted class valedictorian.

Today, as CEO of Sign World Media, CJ has an ambitious mission - "This company's goal is to bring hearing and deaf together, to work together, and develop a creative way to produce deaf acting in film."

Watch and see how connecting to countless people through sign language and humor, CJ's artistry not only entertains, but makes others feel good about themselves.

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