Sighing for Cyber Monday

Seven years ago, put out a press release calling the Monday after Thanksgiving “Cyber Monday.” The day where you can sit in your pajamas and shop instead of getting up early the day after Turkey Day to wait in super long lines. According to a study done in 2010 by comScore, people spent over $1 billion dollars in online sales. Whatttt?!?

Since 2005, Cyber Monday has become the official, International shopping term used by not only the U.S., but also Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile and more. launched the official Cyber Monday site in 2006 But other companies have created their own versions of the sites. For example, created

As I write this article, the majority of sites have not released their new, top 10 lists for sites to use for Cyber Monday, but as of 2011, several news sites had put together lists. The writers at did put out some very helpful tips for those of us who will be shopping online that day:

“Don't forget shipping costs. Don't be so tempted by low sale prices that you forget about shipping, which can put prices well over the in-store cost if you aren't careful. Scope out deals and promo codes to get free shipping.

Shop safely. Shop only well-known retailers during Cyber Monday to assure your purchases are safe and secure. Don't risk dealing with online shops that just opened up overnight.

Check the return policy. Many stores change their return policies during the holiday season with shorter time limits and other restrictions. Read over the refund and exchange policies online; if you have any questions, contact customer service before you buy.

Read customer reviews. Don't order a ton of junk just because of low prices on Cyber Monday. If you aren't familiar with a product, read reviews and other research before you make your final purchase.”


Since I’ve already taken that Monday off, I’m interested to see if I do end up purchasing anything good to fulfill my big ticket Christmas wish: a DSLR camera. I’ll definitely be checking out the official Cyber Monday website to find out where I can find the best deal.

Are you a Cyber Monday shopper? Did you realize that this term had only been coined 7 years ago?

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