She Had No Memory Of Her Wedding Until This Happened

Getting married is one of the happiest days of one’s life – a day to be remembered. That’s what newlywed couple Raleigh and Tunicia Hall believed. But only one month after they said “I Do,” tragedy struck that posed a big problem.

Tunicia suffered from a brain bleed that wiped out her recent memory. She could not remember a lot of things, including her wedding. Saddened but not completely disheartened, Raleigh decided to take action. He decorated her hospital recovery room with pictures of their special day. He hung them on the walls, he put them next to her bed. Tunicia loved them. She thought they were so beautiful to have in her room.

Raleigh’s beautiful gesture paid off. Tunicia has regained her memory and can now recall the memories from her wedding day. The doctors that treated Tunicia believe that the photographs were crucial into Tunicia regaining her memory. According to CBS New York, Dr. Richard Temes said, “It’s not just medical science that’s bringing patients back. Patients’ families are so important and key in terms of neurological recovery.”

Thankfully, Tunicia has a great family to help her through tough times.

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