"How To" Tips to Make Home Life Easier: Home And Hacks - OnlyGood DIY

Did you know that there are more than 5000 unique home hacks you can do to better your life around the house? Watch them all on OGTV's Home and Hacks Week, starting tomorrow.

Start making that extra time at home more enjoyable with "how to" cooking, cleaning, and organizing videos that make everything quicker and easier!

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How To Make a Natural Cleaning Solution That Smells Good - Green Clean Queen (E8)

** We are Going Green here at OGTV to honor St. Patrick's Day! Our very own Green Clean Queen, Michelle Ray Smith, has a timely DIY tip about how to make a totally organic cleaning solution that will bring the fresh scent of spring into your home. **

Welcome to Green Clean Queen - an OnlyGood TV series for people looking to keep their home fresh and clean without the use of toxic chemicals! The series is hosted by actress, model, and cancer survivor Michelle Ray Smith, who each week solves home cleaning challenges with natural, botanical cleaning products.

Vinegar is a wonderful natural cleaner but do you like how it smells? In this episode, Michelle and her son Jake demonstrate how a natural mixture of fruits and herbs added to a vinegar based cleaning solution can create a spray that any nose will enjoy.

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How To Make A Cornhole Set with an 'Are You Kidding Sock'!

** A member of the OGTV KidsBiz crew is back to help us celebrate National Children's Craft Day with his DIY guide for how to build your own Cornhole Set. Just in time for Spring! **

Sebastian Martinez, kid CEO of "Are You Kidding Socks", is back with a new DIY project that enables anyone to construct the pieces of a traditional family game that is sure to keep everyone active, challenged, and entertained while confined to our homes.

In this episode, watch how Sebastian assembles a few common household items, and one cutting tool, to carefully assemble your very own Cornhole set. Can you guess where his socks come in?

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How To Turn A Toilet Paper Roll Into A Planter - Mission Repurpose With Mar Jennings

** How about a novel gardening trick to kick off spring on National Plant a Flower Day? Our "repurpose" expert, Mar Jennings, has a clever hack using a very common household item! **

Everyone could use a little help in their daily lives…and watching a good DIY video can always make a difference! OnlyGood TV videos help make your life easier, more manageable, happy and stress free!

Reaching the end of the toilet paper roll is a bummer, most of the time. In this episode of Mission Repurpose, Mar shows how the site of an empty roll can become an opportunity to start a fun home project that ends up in your garden instead of the recycling bin.

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How To Make Your Home Office Work For You - Life Organized with Barbara Reich

** With everyone working from home so much these days, OGTV recognizes "Organize Your Home Office Day" with a timely "How To" video on how to make the most of your home work space. **

Everyone could use a little help in their daily lives…and watching a good DIY video can always make a difference! OnlyGood TV videos help make your life easier, more manageable, happy and stress free!

Did you ever work with someone who had a desk filled with stacks of paper but always claimed he/she knew where everything was? Barbara Reich explains on this episode of Life Organized how is easy it is to keep the key things you need within arms reach and everything else where you can find it without living with Rocky Mountain-like paper piles.

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Ginormous Meatball - Cook with Peter

Chef Peter knows firsthand that you sometimes have to put a creative spin on things to get kids to like it! Take meatloaf for example--by turning it into a mouthwatering giant meatball, kids love it! Even his sister gets into the act when she unknowingly becomes the official taste tester. It's an old Italian favorite with a kid friendly twist. That's one ginormous meatball!

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How to Make Mouth Watering Macaroni & Cheese - Cook with Peter

This 10-year old chef can make you a superstar in the kitchen!

Cook with Peter on OnlyGood TV features simple recipes kids love to eat and make! In this episode, Chef Peter demonstrates his version of the all time family favorite - Macaroni & Cheese!

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Turkey Carving Tips So You Won't Miss A Bite!

Yum... it's Thanksgiving. We set you up with some tips to cooking the perfect turkey, now on to the carving!

You may think it is easy... but you'd be surprised at how much meat you are actually missing. Executive Chef, Michael Luboff, for Stew Leonard's – the World's Largest Dairy Store and one of the most renowned grocery store chains in the U.S., gives some carving tips to make sure you savor every bit! Along with enjoying it, you want it to look presentable, too!

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