Adorable Rescued Dogs Meet Their New Families (A Dog’s Journey Home E5)

The excitement has been building for weeks for over 40 families from all over the country who have gathered in Madison, Wisconsin to finally meet, in person, the dogs they have fallen in love with from watching their videos posted by Tracy.

In this episode of "A Dog's Journey Home", a very special batch of dogs, many who have been with the Tracy's Dogs team for a long time, finally arrive in Madison for the first day of their lives with their new families. They have traveled 1,262 miles and for some, it was difficult to leave the caring and loving environment of the Tracy's Dogs facility in San Antonio.

"This is the most unique group of dogs we have ever rolled out on the road with," Scott reflects. And it's not easy for Scott's daughters, Sara and Jenna, who have spent so many hours caring and nurturing these pups, to let go. "There are a lot of dogs that are really hard to part with," Sara explained. "Our long stay dogs, you really get attached to them. Once they get adopted, we get really excited but it's also really hard … we shared lots of tears dropping the dogs off but we know they are going to a good place."

Here are some of Scott's thoughts about a few of the special dogs you will meet in this episode:

Meatball – "I call him Meathead….very lovable…he's the only dog who can overheat in 65 degree weather"

Peg – "Miss Congeniality on three legs … sweetheart"

Nellie – "Will drive you to drink but you'll love her every step of the way… perfect companion"

Watch the smiles and tears as Scott hands off each dog and then reflects on the great work by his team. "I'm just really glad all 40 have of them have homes now. That's why we work so hard. It's a rescue…we're saving lives!"

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