Sergeant Surprises Family, Meets Son For The First Time At Hockey Game

Sergeant Dale Dick was recently deployed with the National Guard in Afghanistan for nine months. During that time, the birth of Sgt. Dick's first son was born. The reunion he was about to have with his wife and daughter was going to be all the more poignant since it would also be the first time he held his new boy.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the whole event was orchestrated with the help of the Chicago Blackhawks. After he made a call to the team, they arranged for Sgt. Dick's family to attend the Saturday game against the Bruins. During the National Anthem, he made his way to the ice, which surprising his family in the stands. The reunion that followed was, as you might imagine, a tearful, joyful moment captured on film.

To boot, Sunday was Father's Day. Jeez louISE, good luck unpacking all the emotions you're undoubtedly feeling. I recommend fro-yo to help cope.

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