Septembeard: The Month Of Beards And Cancer Awareness

Many of you may be familiar with 'Movember', the cause that encourages men to grow their mustaches in the month of November to raise money for men's health. Well, the facial hair fund raising trend has reached new months. Septembeard was formed to raise awareness and funds to support prostate cancer research. Men are encouraged to either form a team or fly solo and grow a beard for the month of September. They are then asked to get donations from family and friends. Encouraging men to grow their facial hair wild has become a very popular, and fun, way to raise money for cancer. Hospitals and organizations like John Hopkins, UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic and many others have jumped on board. We are so excited to see so many people are taking part this month. If you or someone you know is growing a beard for someone special we would love to hear your story! Feel free to send it to!

The 'Septembeard' music video is very entertaining!

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