Running For Her Life: One Woman's Heroic Journey

Megan had a good upbringing; loving parents, a nice house, she was an outstanding student. Basically, Megan had the brightest of futures. That was until she got married. She found herself in an abusive relationship. After 5 years she gained the strength to leave. Doing so left her alone, broke and solely taking care of two small children. She was naive, weak and vulnerable which made her the ideal victim for sexual trafficking. Megan soon found herself wrapped up in a world she didn't want to be in. “Human trafficking is a very complex issue, and a lot of times people think that it’s something you can just ‘get out’ of. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy because there are social and economic obstacles, as well as mental and physical safety that all must come together. It is often, as in my case, a long process to fully get away from a predator and the subculture entirely,” shared Megan. “In short, I was able to leave my pimp and move back across the country, but it took another six months until I was in a place I could leave the sex industry entirely, and it has been almost two years of intensive recovery since then.” She can now proudly say she was strong enough to that world. She found her strength and hope in running. She consumed herself in the activity. Megan loves running; one can go as far to say it even saved her in a way. Beyond improving her health, she also says that running has helped her deal with PTSD, as a result of experiences with human trafficking. She plans to complete her first half marathon in May of 2015, right before turning 30. Keep running towards your bright future, Megan!

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