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Do you love music? Have you been to a music festival this year? If not, you should. Music festivals have become increasingly popular over the years. What’s not to love? Good music, good friends, and a whole lot of good stories to tell. If you haven’t made your way to a music festival yet, have no fear! There is still time. The Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, CT is starting on July 31st running until August 3rdand HooplaHa has your ticket to the amazing weekend. We are giving away TWO four-day camping passes, in fact, to the lucky winner! Read on to see how you and your whole family can have a blast at the festival this year.

Some of the great events at the festival include:

Kids Corner

The Kids Corner goes from 9:00 AM – Sundown and the activities include:

85 foot high Ferris wheel – Now in its 4th year overlooking the Long Island Sound, kids of all ages can view this majestic site from 85 feet high in the sky.

School of Rock Teen Vibes Stage – Check out some incredible performances from the School of Rock AllStars. Kids will also have an opportunity to jam with some of their heroes from the Main and Green Vibes stages. Those who are more interested in behind the scenes will get a chance to learn production, sound, and lighting from Vibes Production pros.

Face Painting - Split Open and Melt face painting will provide the kids with free face painting, for limited times throughout the event.

Vocal Workshops - Join Jen “Pipes” Durkin of Deep Banana Blackout for Voice lessons and talks about pitch, range, projection and harmony.

Sound Board and Lights Field Trips - Teens will be invited to join our crew on field trip to the mixing boards and light operation to see how the stage crew actually makes the concerts look and feel so amazing to the guests. This is a first come, first serve and pre-sign ups are required, at the Teen Scene.

Parents Lounge: For all the parents in attendance, there will be a nice quiet shady area for parents and guardians to relax, put their feet up and enjoy the blissful family area. We will be offering coffee, tea and water courtesy of Vibes’ long-time friends from The Holistic Village and Tea House.

Of course, don’t forget the MUSIC! Gathering of the Vibes boasts a lineup of over 50 bands and musicians. Perfect for every music lover!

And so much more!

How to Enter…

It’s simple. Tell us below in the comments section what musical act you are most excited to see at the Gathering of the Vibes this year. Comment before Friday July 25th at noon and you will be entered into a raffle where one lucky person will be selected to win a pair of four-day camping passes.

Make sure to LIKE Gathering of the Vibes on Facebook for updates!

We look forward to reading your comments! Good luck and good vibes!

***Thank you so much for entering! This contest is now closed.***


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