PRIDE! In Provincetown - FEC Family Week

OnlyGood TV embraces diversity and supports dignity, equal rights and self-affirmation! We are celebrating PRIDE Month by sharing inspiring stories that feature our LGBTQIA+ community.

Family Week is one of the preeminent events of the non-profit advocacy group, Family Equality Counsel. The group advocates for equality for the LGBTQ community and Family Week in Provincetown, MA is an opportunity for families to come together from all over the country to find support and community with other like-minded and alternative families.

FEC Executive Director Stan Sloan is proud of the success and progress the organization has spearheaded and feels that "P-Town", with its history of being a place for writers, artists and gays to live their lives peacefully, is the perfect venue. "This is the largest gathering of LGBTQ families in the world," he noted. "Family week is a time to be together and create that sense of wholeness and belonging. We've got programs for the kids, big and small, and programs for their parents."

Watch and hear from a variety of LGBTQ families who come every year and are raising their families in the face of adversity and intolerance. While there is lots of fun in the sun with bonfires, sand castles, and strolls through town, there are also panel discussions where families can share experiences, get advice, and just celebrate who they are.

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