Positive Paparazzi: Soccer Star Kicks Off Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Deeply concerned for his friend, Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon penned a letter of positivity and support. Read the full message here.

The luckiest waitress ever got Taylor Swift as a customer, and received a $500 tip from the country star. Do you have any idea how many frappaccino's with EXTRA DRIZZLE that buys??!?!?? Probably too many, but whatever, shush.

Beyoncé invited survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings to hang out with her while she was on tour. HULLOOOOO who do I have to call to get these girls' numbers so they can tell me everything. I'm so jeal-to-tha-lous it's not even funny.

the Instituto Arte de Viver Bem (IAVB – ‘The Art of Living Well Institute’) has chosen soccer star, Neymar Jr. of Barcelona and Brazil's national team, to kick off (HEEHEE) a new breast cancer awareness campaign with shirts like this:

Look To The Stars


Amid all of Simon Cowell's baby-daddy dramaaaaa, some stars, such as Jennifer Hudson and Carmen Electra have come out in support of the soon-to-be dad.

Also climbing to the ranks of dad-dom is Beauty and the Beast star, Jay Ryan. Hooray for Jay Ryan, and for the lucky child who will be inheriting his genes.

Guys, GUYS. GUISE. Things are looking up for Lindsay Lohan, according to her lawyer after completing rehab. Thank. Heavens.

PSA ALERT: Liam Neeson is joining a new UNICEF initiative to prevent violence against children.

 Seth Rogen and former Scrubs star Sarah Chalke are making their own funny greeting cards after card company, Treat, donated to their respective charities. Now that's a card I wouldn't immediately throw away.

And now, the obligatory One Direction news item, the current of which involves the boys partnering with Office Depot to fight bullying.

Well. This was quite the week for celebrity goodness. Lots of charitable deeds, both good and small. Here's to the stars that tipped benevolently, raised their voices for those that can't, and to those that stuck up for a friend. Cheers to THAT.

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