Positive Paparazzi: Joe Jonas Makes Trip To Africa, World Swoons

Joe Jonas recently spent eight days in Kenya volunteering with Free The Children, and made a lot of children smile and looked really handsome and I think I'm having palpitations.


Also he did THIS.

E! News

That's either the most excited dog on Earth, or the most terrified. Either way, I'm jealous. #sorrynotsorry

ANYWHO, everyone's favorite Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus, has done something equally adorable and joined Cruelty Free International. Look:

Look To The Stars

A bunch of professional athletes including Curtis Granderson, are speaking up about brain tumors to raise awareness:

Another successful fundraiser for Jessica Seinfeld! The wife of, you guessed it, Jerry Seinfeld, hosted the sixth Baby Buggy Summer Dinner at the Seinfeld’s residence. The event raised $340,250 for charity. Boom.

January Jones must have nerves of reenforced titanium because unlike most of us, she isn't afraid of Great White Sharks, she's afraid for them. Jones is teaming up with Oceana to look out for the (probably) misunderstood creatures.

No stranger to bi-polar disorder, Stephan Fry is speaking out about mental illness.

Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Eric Stonestreet, Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington are all showing their 6 in a new PSA for Got Your 6, a campaign that unites the entertainment industry with the top veteran-focused non-profit organizations:

Apparently, Lady Gaga saved the life of a soon to be professional boxer. For serious.

Meanwhile, The Beach Boys want to help save education by teaming up with City Year to place Americorps members for a year of service in high-need public schools.

And to end this week's round-up on a very high note, Dustin Hoffman is officially cancer free.

Here's to the celebs that put smiles on faces across the country and around the world; to the stars that looked out for those who no one else would look out for (sharks), and here's to the rich and the famous that restored our faith in humanity a little more. Cheers to THAT.

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