Positive Paparazzi: Beyoncé Handles Getting Pulled Off Stage Like A Boss

Beyoncé's fans tend to get a little grabby and insane-y when she comes near, which might explain why one fan decided to pull her completely off the stage at her concert in Sao Paulo. As guards proceeded to escort the crazy man out of the venue, Queen Bey put a stop to it, shook his hand and everyone's love for her increased ten fold. Look:

After dropping out of high school Mark Wahlberg finally got his high school diploma, and wants others to do the same. "It's never too late to make a commitment to education," he said.

Magic Johnson has also on the education wagon by addressing the nation's school drop-out rate.

Hayden Penettier, among other fabulous divas, are cleaning out their closets for charity.

Game of Thrones (and Misfits) star, Iwan Rheon got to steppin recently and helped raise 100,000 pounds (British for money). God he's dreamy philanthropic.

Dancing With The Stars host, Brooke Burke-Charvet will match donations made to Operation Smile.

Bethany Frankel and Skinny Girl are donating $100,000 to Dress For Success, a non-profit that promotes economic independence for disadvantaged women.

Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz showed us a healthy dose of compassion when he tweeted about the documentary, The Paw Project, which explores the animal cruelty behind de-clawing cats. Way to go, Mister Lutz.

Justin Timberlake pulled a solid good-guy and took time out of his busy schedule to hang out with a girl who survived brain surgery. If that happened to me, I'd stop breathing and have to go straight back to the hospital. Way to keep your cool, little girl.

And finally, Prince Harry. He recently slept in a freezer for charity--yes, it's legit. This guy, right? Love him.

Here's to the celebs that played it cool, told us en masse to stay in school, and restored our faith in humanity a little more. Cheers to THAT.

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