Positive Paparazzi: Ashton Kutcher Redefines 'Sexy' For Teens

Chris Kutcher for the win.

 Pamela Anderson wants you to adopt a shelter animal. Like, right meow.

Find out how John Mayer's current tour will help veterans with PTSD.

One Direction members Zayn Malik and Liam Payne raised $10,000 by wearing onesie pajamas. The only thing I raise by wearing onesie pajamas is suspicion, so, uh... good for them.

Little might you have known, but Nick Cannon has lupus nephritis (kidney disease). He recently raised his voice as an advocate for others living with the disease.

Nick Jonas, who turned into a total babe over night apparently, also got an award for educating people about type 1 diabetes. That's what we call turning lemons into gorgeous lemonade.

So, uh, Oprah gave away another car again. Apparently she just can't help herself:

For those of you who absolutely LURVED the season premier of Breaking Bad, prepare to LURVE EVEN MER (more). Apparently, the first episode's opener was dedicated to a teenage super fan who passed away from cancer. I think it's time I caved and started watching, no?

WWE superstar Darren Young has emerged muscularly from the closet and is the happiest of campers.

Danny Devito danced at a baseball game and made one of the players on the winning team was super stoked. Way to go Danny DeVito, a thousand points for Danny DeVito

Well, so ends another week of celebrity amazing-ness. Did I miss anything? Include anything that wasn't that amazing? Let me know! I'm here to help, to please, and to inform YOU, dear reader. Love you guys. You keep us in business. Cheers to THAT.

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