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After Beastie Boy Mike D saw the damage done by Sandy to Rockaway Beach, he launched the Rockaway Plate Lunch truck with restauranteur and friend Robert McKinley. The right to party, and the right to help the needy--two good things to fight for.

Kid Rock won major good-guy points when he made all tickets for his upcoming show cost only $20--even the VIP ones. Not to mention, beers will cost $4, and designated drivers get free coffee. All this, because he "didn't want [the economy] to be a reason why everyone couldn't get out and enjoy themselves on a summer night." A thousand points for Kid Rock.

Green Bay Packers coach, Mike McCarthy, helped a fan take photos of his proposal to his girlfriend. The lucky lady gave the stunt a 20 out of 10.

One year after promising cancer patient, Kevin McGuire, she'd take him to prom and not being able to due to McGuire's illness, Taylor Swift got the chance to make good on her promise. She'll be taking him to this year's AMC Awards. He is stoked.

Robert Downy Jr. got positively giddy when he surprised Russian fans at a convention for Iron Man 3. Look at that face (and the faces behind him--not an unmasked mug in sight. Now, that's fandom).


Will Smith, Justin BieberJon Hamm, Scarlet Johansson, Woody Harrelson, Kerry Washington, the Kardashians and more want to end the war on drugs. Like, right meow.

Speaking of meow, Nina Dobrev and Vampire Diary co-star (and boooyyyyyfrieeend) Ian Somerhalder rushed their ill kitty to the vet, who helped him make a full recovery on what Dobrev referred to as "the good stuff."

During her appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael Demi Lovato said that an upcoming song, to be released after her album releases May 14, will address bullying. She also earned good-celeb cred when she basically said if the power of celebrity isn't being used for good, then ,"[Y]ou're wasting everyone's time." Preach, Demi.

Billy Rae Cyrus is using music to support our troops and their families. Proceeds from his new album, Change My Mind, will support the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) for Operation Outdoors, a camp program that assists the children of military personnel during deployment. Personally, I think Cyrus should be expecting a Dad of The Year award from Miley soon. Just sayin'.

Though America seems to be equally and unconditionally divided in opinion of Angelina Jolie, no one can deny that she does a whole lotta good. Like when she addressed the issue of wartime sexual violence at the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting in London on Thursday. "[W]artime rape is not inevitable," She said. "This violence can be prevented, and it must be confronted." Way to be, Jolie.

What a week for celebs doing good! Serious stuff happening here, people. Cheers to the A-listers who relieved lingering hurricane devastation, spoke out against problems with the world, and restored our faith in humanity.

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