Popstar's Cancer Foundation Appearance Honors a Special Friend - Caly On The Good (E13)

Caly Bevier has overcome the odds, and ovarian cancer, to become a pop music star. While her artistic family has helped launch her music career, she has never lost touch with another family that is very close to her heart – cancer survivors.

In this episode of Caly on the Good, we follow Caly to Westlake Village, California where she will speak and perform at the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation's "Little Heroes Luncheon" in honor of Zelaya, a friend and fellow cancer survivor. What makes this event so special is when Zelaya was 6 years old, Caly visited the LA Children's Hospital as part of America's Got Talent. Zelaya was one of the kids that Caly meet there and her visit was one of the reasons that Zelaya felt so strong and was inspired to keep fighting.

Zelaya and Caly have kept in touch through the many years, often texting or snapchatting. Zelaya is actually the reason that Caly feels so strongly about supporting Children's Cancer Research and Children's Advocacy, because of how hard Zelaya works on her own to do good.

"I don't know what Zelaya is going to do when she sees me," Caly noted before the event. "Hopefully she's really excited... she always greets me with the biggest hug and smile."

Watch and see how this special moment unfolds, especially since Zelaya doesn't know that Caly is going to be there speaking and performing, much less presenting the award to her!

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