Photographer Turns Grandmother Into Super Hero

Sacha Goldberger has raised the bar for grandchildren everywhere. When he heard is 93 year-old grandmother was down, he did more than call her up on the phone to brighten her spirits. He bought her spandex.

Together, they unleashed Mamika, the nonagenarian, non-retired superhero. Goldberger worked with his grandmother to come up with ideas for costumes, stunts and backgrounds. In the images, Mamika blows bubbles on the side of a building, flies on the treadmill, takes her dog to the vet and crashes into brick walls.  The typical day-in-the-life of a geriatric woman with super powers. The images have been surfacing since 2010 and have been collected in a book: Mamika: My Mighty Little Grandmother.

Here are some for your viewing pleasure:








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