Adorable Baby Goats Find A New Place To Call Home

** OGTV's second GOOD STORY of the week is sure to bring a smile to your face because It's all about an adorable group of rescued baby goats. Watch for all the mischief these feisty "kids" get into! **

Goats, especially baby goats, bring so much happiness to the world. The Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescues farm animals from a variety of bad circumstances. After one of their biggest rescues last October, they have welcomed a herd of baby goats that are getting a lot of attention.

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Metro The Painting Racehorse

** OGTV's final GOOD STORY of the week is about a thoroughbred racehorse who was rescued after a knee injury and has since taken up a new occupation - painting! **

Many animals are very smart. Like the dog who opens doors, or a monkey who can play chess... But one very special horse has captivated our attention for his unbelievable talent.

After retiring from being a racehorse, Metro seemed to be nearing the end of his life. Born with a knee a problem that was the cause of his career's end, he could have been put to sleep. Luckily, Ron Krajewski, an artist from Gettysburg, PA, and his wife, Wendy, adopted him.

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Veterinarian is a Modern Day Dr. Dolittle - Dr. Amy Jo's Wild Life (Part 1)

** OGTV's first GOOD STORY of the week is about the "wild" life of Dr. Amy Jo Pilmer, a Texas veterinarian with a heart for animals that is as big as her state. **

This is the story of a modern day Dr. Doolittle with her own personal wildlife sanctuary, a local veterinarian who's life is dedicated to caring for unusual and extraordinary animals. These animals have become more than her patients or pets, they have become her family!

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Ziggy The Pig Is A One Of A Kind, Unique Pet

** OGTV celebrates Pet Appreciation Week with this story about an adventurous couple who bought a motorhome and now travel around living the mobile life with their pet - a 250 pound adult pig! **

"Living with a pig is crazy," says Jay Yontz. Jay and his girlfriend Kristin Hartness are pet-parents to a friendly pig named Ziggy—and there are plenty of crazy things about this little family's story!

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Rub A Dub Dub, Three Dogs In A Tub - Life In The Dog House (E17)

** In the final OGTV Life In The Dog House playlist video for this week, Chris and Mariesa have their hands full of water, soap , and fur as they try to get their family of dogs washed and dried. **

It's bath time at The Dog House! Come along with Chris and Mariesa as they show us how they wash their pups. Don't forget behind your ears!

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Adorable Kittens & Seniors Come Together and Help Each Other

** After watching this heartwarming story to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day you will want to cuddle and hug that fur ball for all the love and comfort that they bring to your life. **

Both animal shelters and elderly care facilities do incredible work, answering major demands with often limited resources. And when you put the two together? Compassion simply overflows.

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Series - Life in the Dog House

Summer At The Dog House - Life In The Dog House (E21)

** Our second story from this week's featured playlist, Life In The Dog House, highlights all of the fun summer activities enjoyed by Chris, Mariesa, and their gang of 8 rescue dogs. **

Summer is here and the Life In The Dog House gang is ready for some fun! We got a sneak peek at how Chris and Mariesa kick back with their pups during the dog days of summer. Check out this great video and don't forget to smile!

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Meet The Family -Life In The Dog House (E1)

** For OGTV's first PLAYLIST video of the week we have the premiere episode of the OGTV Original Series, Life In The Dog House. Meet Chris, Mariesa, and their growing family of rescue dogs. **

Introducing Chris and Mariesa and their dogs, Gremlin, Meatball, Money, The Stig, Moses, Tejas, Quinn, and Sammy. They're all here for the premier episode of Life In The Dog House, our original web series that explores what life is like with eight rescue dogs under one roof.

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