Paralyzed Man Designed Snow Plow For His Wheelchair

Tim Taylor hopes his creative ways will 'inspire others to think outside the box and get out and overcome their obstacles.' Tim became paralyzed after a car accident when he was 18-years-old. Having to adapt to life with disability, Tim gets creative.

He custom-built a plow on his motorized wheelchair. This is just another achievement for this northwest Pennsylvania man who is always trying to better himself. With the help of his father and brothers, Tim was able to create a prototype.

"Living here we get quite a bit of snow," Taylor told The Huffington Post. "I recently got a 4x4 wheelchair and was inspired to build a plow for it after seeing a YouTube video where an older gentleman had done something similar."

Tim has a very positive outlook on life. Though he is bound to a wheelchair, he is not letting that stop him from living a full life. He even helps out his neighbors by plowing their driveways.

"Every day there can be a new achievement, whether you have a disability or not," he said. "A new achievement in life helps keep you positive."

H/T HuffPo

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