One Man Did This Amazing Deed Without Asking For Anything In Return

Random acts of kindness make the world a beautiful place. The beauty of these acts are due to the fact they are unexpected and sometimes, anonymous. In the AARP Magazine, I came across a neat article, "Random Acts of Kindness From Our Readers." The story was submitted by a reader about an act of kindness she remembers witnessing as a child. The reader goes on to tell us how her dad, George Degethoff, noticed their elderly neighbor was having trouble getting outside because her door was broken. Dad and daughter visited the house to fix the door without the neighbors knowledge. Upon finishing, he packed up his tools and headed down the stairs. His daughter expressed concern about how he didn't tell the lady about the repairs he did. His response was amazing, "Pumpkin, I don't need her to know that. That's between God and me. And you, too. I didn't do it for the praise."

Read the full story from AARP.

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