Old School Photog Gets 2K+ Polaroids & Autographs From Stars

Joe Leonardo is an improv actor from New York City. For our new "man on the street" series, Not Your Average Joe, he met up with Rick DeMint, a New York City-based photographer who takes "Portroids" -- polaroid photos of celebrities! He started taking photos more than 11 years ago as a way to connect with celebrities without being intrusive. Now with over 2,300 photos in his collection, DeMint is able to interact with celebrities quickly and easily. He also snags their signatures -- the long list of celebs includes Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and Henry Winkler! What would you do to get up close and personal with celebrities?

Stay connected with Joe on Twitter and through his website.

This episode of Not Your Average Joe was produced and edited by Dan Salazar III and Andrew "Oz" Osborne. Want more of Not Your Average Joe? Check out our YouTube channel -- and don't forget to smile!

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