Officer Buys Bike For Man Who Walks To Work

Samuel Meixueiro can attest to the fact that the members of Roeland Park Police Department, KA are doing all they can to be good samaritans. Police are making tons of headlines lately for all the good they are doing. We couldn't be happier.

Samuel is homeless and often sleeps at churches or parks. To make matters worse, he has to walk 5-6 hours to work each day. Without means of transportation, he has no choice but to walk if he wants to keep his job.

“It's a five-to-six hour walk. I've been doing it so I can keep my job,” Meixueiro said.

While taking a break in a local park, someone called the police because they said he looked suspicious. When the cop got there, Samuel shook his hand and told him his story. The officer quickly learned Samuel wanted no trouble and was just doing what he had to to survive.

“He shook my hand, we had a chat like I was talking to a friend of mine,” Officer Zach Stamper said.

Officer Stamper gave Samuel a ride to work. His story hit a soft spot though, and Stamper knew he had to help this guy out. After dropping Samuel off, he returned a half hour later with a bike and a bag for him to keep all his stuff in.

“I cried. I couldn't believe it. Things are so hard for me right now. Any kind of help is just a blessing,” Meixueiro said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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