New Series Gives Quick Tips To Happiness

Our everyday journeys are filled with great joy, adversities, laughter and everything in between. "You Should Know” is a 60 second dose of inspiration, advice and tips for everyday living to help lift and inspire your mind, body and spirit -- so you can live life better!

In this week's premier episode, we show you to beat the blues and stay happy. The blues – nobody wants em’, but for lots of reasons, from past hurts, to waiting in line for your morning cup of coffee, life can get us down. Some days you may dread getting out of bed and could use a pick me up. So when you start feeling down or need to reboot, what can you do? Watch this video and find out!

Talent - Lucia Nazzaro

Director of Photography - Heather Holloway

Producer/Editor - Andrew "Oz" Osborne

Content Coordinator - Nina Giordano

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