NBA Player Surprises Mom With First Lavish New Home

Instead of spending his money on himself, Brooklyn Nets Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is giving his favorite lady something unforgettable. Rondae and his brother surprised their mother with a new home for her birthday. The Nets rookie has signed a $1 million contract and could live lavishly. But that does not interest him. He locked down a rental in Jersey and splurged on a new house for his mom.

He told the New York Times why he did it:

"She said it was her best birthday ever. That’s huge for me and my brother, and my uncle, who is like a brother to us. … That’s big in our eyes, to be able to do that. Being able to change your mom’s life, to be able to put her in a comfortable situation. … It makes that feeling in your heart go to ease. Instead of worrying about where your mom is going, what she’s doing, it puts you at ease knowing she has a place of her own, and that she has somewhere to lay her head at night. It’s pretty special."

Wow! So many feels! What an adorable, loving, caring son!

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