Miracles Do Come True For One Very Smart Homeless Boy

Do you believe in miracles? David Boone does. The 18-year-old had a difficult time growing up in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 14, David became homeless after a bunch of gang members destroyed his home. This caused him and his siblings to be separated and taken to a shelter. This was the hardest time of his life. So much so, that at one point he was forced to sleep on park benches. But, it does get better (hence the miracle part!)

Fortunately, he was able to maintain his education and many friends and mentors tried to help with food or a warm bed. Since he sure his education was a priority, David was accepted to more than 20 colleges, including Ivy Leagues such as Cornell and Harvard. After much consideration, David decided to attend Harvard on a full scholarship.

"All of these life lessons have shaped me into who I am, transforming my dreams and aspirations and allowing me to free myself from what was becoming an unproductive environment," Boone stated.

He is excited to be attending Harvard in the Fall and can’t wait to help his family. David truly proves the power of dedication and faith. He told himself he would succeed, and he did.

To find out more about David’s experience visit his blog on Huffington Post.

H/T GoodWorldNews

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