Mickey Mouse Day!

Hooplaholics love and appreciate all the big and little holidays, so when we discovered an entire day dedicated to the Mickey Mouse, how could we not celebrate? In honor of the face of all things Disney, let’s take a look at how Mickey’s character changed from 1927 to 2012.

You may not know that Mickey Mouse didn’t actually start out as a mouse. You might be surprised to know that he was originally Oswald, a bunny rabbit. But after some changes in the company, they had to come up with a new character. So they morphed the bunny into a mouse. Thus, Mortimer, who you now know as Mickey, was born in 1928. (It is said that the change came about as a suggestion from Walt's wife!)


Less than a decade later, in 1935, Mickey got his first makeover. After this, Mickey Mouse’s character really took off.


By 1950, Mickey Mouse had become the inspiration and face of Disney. His character was even the name of the popular TV show, The Mickey Mouse Club, where many famous celebrities got their start. But besides The Christmas Carol in 1983, Mickey took a seat in the back as many Disney classics were released one right after the other.


His character image has definitely come a long way since the 1930s, but he hasn’t been the focal point of Disney’s movies anymore. Yet he still does have a presence on the Disney channel with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Now he’s looking much more digitized.


With the 3-D imaging that we think of with Toy Story, Mickey’s looking less cartoony and more new age. But he’s still the same old, happy Mickey Mouse, no matter what age.

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