Metallica's James Hetfield: How Music Saved His Life

Road Recovery is an organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities. This is our third video in a mini series with Metallica’s James Hetfield who has teamed up with Road Recovery. James opens up about his rocky, shameful past. He has done things he is not proud of. Over time he has come to terms with it and continues to grow each day. Music has saved his life by giving him an outlet to write and express himself. "Shames a big thing for me. Playing music has saved my life. Everyday it saves my life. When I am able to write, write a riff, write some lyrics, stuff like that, it's a way I connect with the world." He goes on to explain the importance of kids getting involved in the gift of art, music or crafts. We all have things about our life we are not proud of, but it's how you deal with it and move on that counts.

If you want more words of wisdom from James and his life experience check out his video on ‘Seeking Validation.’ And stay tuned for more videos like these…

For more from Road Recovery check out their channel on the HooplaHa network. You can also visit their website to see what other inspiring work they are doing.


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