Man Rides His Bike 4,000 Miles to Honor Heroes

Bob Votruba, the founder of One Million Acts of Kindness, decided to honor heroes by riding in a bicycle tour from CA to Ground Zero in NYC. The ride called the Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes, covered 5 boroughs, 212 firehouses & 76 police precincts.

Spurred to action by the Virginia Tech tragedy where 32 people lost their lives, Bob has traveled over 4,000 miles by bike and by bus to raise awareness of those who are protecting our liberty and freedom.

"My goal is to create a conversation in school programs across the country," he explained. "I'm finding out in these classroom situations that they don't have any role models, any heroes to look up to."

Watch how Bob's efforts are opening the eyes of school kids to the fact that heroes are all around them, in plain sight, everyday.

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