Listen Up Ladies! Your Sports Bra Is More Important Than You Think

Working out causes enough strain on our bodies. We take the proper precautions by wearing the best attire and using the right equipment. We buy the best shoes, clothes and yoga mats. But how much thought are you giving to the sports bra you wear? If you are like me, I have had the same five in rotation for years. Our friends at DietsInReview talked with Renelle Braaten, founder and president of ENELL, a company who makes state of the art bras for the most support. She told them "An ill-fitting or unsupportive sports bra, especially while engaging in sports or strenuous activity, can cause premature sagging of the breasts and stress on your back muscles." She also explained that this can cause breast, back, shoulder, and arm pain. “It can also cause headaches, indentation, scarring, chafing and/or improper posture.” It is important to find a proper fitting bra, not only for comfort, but for health reasons, too. Eek! I know I will be getting a proper fitting sports bra.

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