Lessons Learned From Cultural Icons

Netflix recently announced the Magic School Bus is being charged up again for a brand new show! The Magic School Bus 360° is planned to roll out in 2016 and we’re excited to spread the news! This reminded us of some of the happy days, along with their memorable lessons!

It's only appropriate we start with the educational gem that started it all -- The Magic School Bus. Ms. Frizzle took us on some pretty spectacular adventures every Saturday morning. Who didn't love going with the class inside the human body? Ms. Frizzle and her gang of smarty pants taught us that school is cool! Learning doesn't have to be boring. Never stop learning!


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Oh, Doug Funny. Doug and his pal Skeeter took us through their everyday lives of being an awkward tween. Whether Doug was trying to get the courage to ask Patty Mayonnaise to the school dance or talk his way out of a scuffle with the school bully Roger Klotz, he showed us it's okay to be different. Be true to yourself and stay confident!

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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is one of the greatest children's stories ever. In this literary masterpiece, a boy and a tree share a loving but difficult friendship. As the boy grows older, he takes advantage of the tree's selfless and generous nature. In the end, the boy realizes all he ever needed was the tree's love. The lesson here is that sometimes monetary or physical gifts aren't what makes life special. Friendship, love and being with those who make you happy trump all.

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Full House -- and oh was it ever! Danny Tanner was a single dad who raised his three girls alongside his two best friends. These men sure had their hands full! Through Full House we learned that family doesn't have to be blood. It is whoever loves you and cares about you. As long as you have a roof over your head and people who love you, you have everything in the world.

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Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Suess is about a young boy who travels through several places and times, only to find himself at The Waiting Place. Here, everyone is waiting for something to happen, but time stands still. Stop waiting! Go, do, dream, live! Life is not going to stop and wait for you to catch up. Live your dreams! Do whatever it is that makes you happy. Skip right past The Waiting Place because your life is ready to be lived!

We would love to hear your other childhood favorites and what they taught you! Leave us a note in the comments section!

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