Kindness And Free Food Are On Display In This Urban Gardening Project

"Our currency is kindness," said Mary Clear, the chairperson of Incredible Edible, an urban gardening project centered in West Yorkshire, England.

"Kindness has brought great people to us," she continued, "It has brought gifts in abundance. It brought two tons of food yesterday."

Incredible Edible believes in growing food in public places, like bus stops and near police stations, and offering them for free to anyone passing by. They hope that their project will help locals reconnect to the earth, to healthy natural food, and to the world around them. And, because they don't accept money for the food they help create, everything is centered around the "currency" of kindness.

Mary and her fellow organizers wanted Incredible Edible to be more than just a single group of people growing and sharing food. So they created 3 "rules" that other groups could follow, and call themselves Incredible Edible:

  1. You have to grow food to share
  2. You have to support your local community through collective events fairs and festivals
  3. You have to educate people in some way
Estelle Brown, the Director/Storyteller for Incredible Edible, offered the following advice for aspiring groups: "Just go out there and do it. Don't wait for permission.

"We like naughty and nice," Mary added.

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