For Adam & Jared, Choosing A Wedding Party Was Very Challenging

Planning a wedding is hard work! There are so many decisions to make before the big day that it could get overwhelming! One of the biggest decisions is…. who is going to be in the wedding party?!

How did Adam & Jared make their picks? It wasn't easy…

"I introduced Adam to Jared."- Jeff, Team Adam

"Jared and Adam are a beacon of hope." -Jonathan, Team Jared

"I'm incredibly honored and thrilled to be a part of his wedding and his journey." -Erika, Team Adam

"I wasn't expecting to be asked to be in the wedding." - Brenna, Team Jared

"I've known Adam all of his life." -Melissa, Team Adam

"Jared and Adam are an inspiration... I feel very honored to be in the wedding." Kimmy, Team Jared

The Wedding Party is set and they're one step closer to the wedding of the year!

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier, shot by Yura Makarov, and edited by Varya Rookwood. To see more of Adam and Jared and the Joy Story series, check out our YouTube channel and our Facebook page!

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