It Was The Second Worst Brain Tumor They Ever Saw; He Is Alive And Well 12 Years Later

In 2002 Liam heard the most terrifying news a person can hear. He had cancer. But not just any cancer. He had an aggressive Stage 4 tumor. It was actually so bad one consultant told him it was more like a Stage 44 tumor. Doctors told him he had little chance of survival. The only available treatment gave him a 5% chance a survival- through the actual treatment. It was a 12 hour operation and would likely leave him with little brain function- if he made it out alive. Not only did Liam make it through the surgery, he also went on to have 7 weeks of radical radiation and chemo-radiotherapy. Before treatment started doctors told Liam he had a month to live, if he was lucky. But he wasn't ready to stop living.

His intense will to live allowed him to make it through surgery, treatment and is now living cancer free 12 years later. Apart from an eye patch he is living the life he knew as an architect and marathon runner. In 2012 , Liam published his memoir, Cancer 4, Me 5 – After Extra-time to tell the world his story. He writes, “I am one of the very lucky ones who should no longer be here. I have a story now, a story I did not volunteer for. It is a story that I feel needs to be told. What I have endured and survived is a tremendous source of inspiration to people everywhere. It is a story that proves hope always exists, no matter what the prognosis. I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to continuing the fight.” Liam's love for life turned 5% chance into 100% chance and teaches us all to live life to the fullest!

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