Instead Of A Ticket, Cop Gives Young Woman This

Public Safety Officer Ben Hall of Emmett Township, Michigan, pulled a car over for a traffic violation last Saturday. After speaking with the driver, he noticed the child in the back seat did not have a booster seat, per state law.  The child's mom, Alexis DeLorenzo, who was not the driver, explained that she couldn't afford one. Instead of ticketing Alexis, Officer Hall told the woman and her daughter to meet him at the local Walmart. He went above and beyond his call of duty and bought them a booster seat. "She was telling me that she hit a rough patch," Hall told "I know that writing a citation wasn’t going to solve the problem. The biggest thing I wanted to do is give the child a reliable and dependable booster seat and giving someone a ticket is not going to fix that."

H/T Huffington Post

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