Stuttering Man Gives An Inspiring Speech On Being Different & Achieving Your Dreams

Parker Mantell wants to ensure that those who face daunting challenges in their lives know that their dreams are, in fact, possible to achieve. Recently, he delivered a TED Talk in Chicago titled, "How to Fit a Square Peg Through a Round Hole", which focused on being imperfect in this world that focuses on perfection.

The fact that Parker stutters, and does so quite overtly, makes this speech that much more powerful.

"Throughout the trials and triumphs of my experiences with stuttering – throughout the trials of barely being able to talk for myself as a shy boy and the triumphs of being able to talk for United States Senators as a spokesman – I have given much thought to that age-old question of how we square pegs fit through a round hole; how we fit through the opportunities before us. And what I have found along that journey is that we have three answers – and therefore three options:

Option #1: We can simply refuse to try to do so because it's a seemingly impossible task. It's a mismatch. It is, as the very dilemma suggests, a square peg and a round hole.

Option #2: We can break the square peg or shrink down its shape to a shadow of itself. But at that point, the square peg isn't fitting in so much as it's just getting by.

Or finally, option #3: We can break the round hole by daring to push a square peg – as is – through it. We can achieve the answer to the supposedly impossible question not by reducing the size of the peg but by expanding the size of the hole through which it will pass. Not by reshaping ourselves but by reshaping our world."

You can watch the FULL VIDEO of his inspiring and hopeful speech below...

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