Inspiring Music Video Reminds Us How Precious Life Is

"Raise your head up and be on your way. And it don't matter if you fall today, just get up, get up, get up, get up!"

Musician Michael Franti recorded "Once A Day" to remind us about life's unexpected moments and how we can't take life for granted. We never know what today or tomorrow will bring. We have to embrace what we have and make the most of our time here. Be thankful for TODAY!

He explains on YouTube, "Last year I had a really challenging moment when my son was diagnosed with a kidney disease called FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis). We thought it would break our family apart, but moving through the initial tears, made us realize life is precious and that we need to hug, kiss and be close to each other every day and through that we could ‘rise up’ and face his illness together. I hope that Once A Day brings inspiration to anyone in this world who is going through challenging times."

Some of my favorite lyrics on the song are, "I heard the purpose of life's to live a life full of purpose, And so don't ever take for granted what the spirit has given you. In the first verse, You might never get a second verse, This ain't a rehearsal, you can't put it in reverse. Believe in yourself, don't let nobody be a negative or tell you what to do. Cause I know (cause I know) in this sweet, sweet life that just this much is true!"

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