My Mom - Best Gift For Mother's Day!

How would you express what your mother means to you? A mother's love is hard to put into words--it is the fuel that leads us to learn, grow and achieve great things! Their selfless and giving ways keep families happy, healthy and thriving.

For Mother's Day, we invited some sons and daughters share their unforgettable stories about their Moms. While all are alike in some ways, they are all very, very different. What makes your mom special? What is your favorite memory with her?

For some, it's a bittersweet holiday because their moms are no longer with us. But I urge you to take joy and happiness in remembering their beautiful lives.

Motherhood is the hardest job of all. But most moms don't even expect a thank you or a pat on the back. Let's give them one anyways... Thank You Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

This Only Good TV original story was directed by Pete Vandall.

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