India's Birdman Devotes His Life To Thousands Of Parakeets

When you say “Birdman” in the U.S., people might think you’re talking about the rapper or 2014’s “Best Picture”. In India “Birdman” refers to, Sekar, a camera repairman in the city of Chennai, who feeds 4,000 wild parakeets daily.

10 years ago, Sekar fed rabbits, crows, and sparrows, but when a tsunami hit and sent two parakeets to his way, he began feeding them too. Word spread in the parakeet community, and now a decade later, Sekar spends 40% of his income feeding 4,000 wild parakeets daily; that’s over 132 pounds of food every day. He says it’s become his purpose in life. Sounds like he’s the real “Birdman”.

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