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Everyone could use a little good, quality " Gee Whiz" information in their lives, the perfect stuff for watercooler chatter!

This "I Didn't Know That!" collection of videos is chock full of fun facts that may just give you reason to pause....and smile! These videos will not only give you a quick break from your regular, stressful routine but also a chance to stump your friends and family!

Here are OnlyGood TV's Fun Fact Aficionados:

Eddie Brill, our Professor Good N' Well, is a comedian, actor and writer. He served as the comedy talent coordinator for The Late Show with David Letterman and continues to perform as a stand up comedian. For him, happiness comes from making people laugh. He enjoys the ups and downs of comedy because it reminds him he is alive!

Lucia Nazzaro is an Emmy nominated multi-media personality, writer and performer. She has hosted and reported for Tribune Broadcasting, The CW Network, The Travel Channel, and PBS and was the co-creator of the popular website for women, Betty Everything, which entertained, inspired and helped women thrive in their daily lives.

Joe Leonardo is a comedic actor and writer who has been featured on ESPN, Travel Channel, NPR, Anderson Cooper LIVE, and Prank Academy to name a few. He is currently a house team performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York, a member of their Touring Company, and co-host of their Wednesday Night Improv Jam. Joe is joined by co-writer and fellow comedian, Jesse Vandenbergh, in several videos.

Michael "Dr. Woody" Woodward, PhD is an Organizational Psychologist, eternal optimist, and an advocate of focusing on the simple, yet often neglected, things we can all do to live happier more positive lives. Dr. Woody is an author and has appeared on The TODAY Show, Live w/ Regis & Kelly, Fox & Friends and other networks discussing ways to achieve a life with a healthier more blended work-life balance.

Thomas J. (TJ) McKenna is a Staff Scientist and Professional Development Specialist at the Connecticut Science Center, a doctoral candidate in Science Education at the University of Connecticut, and a national facilitator for the NGSX Project. He has a passion for working with teachers to bring authentic science experiences into K-12 classrooms.

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