One Of New England's Biggest Student Fundraisers Just Gave $1 Million To Children's Hospital!

At the University of Connecticut, athletics are a huge part of the student experience. The Huskies, as their teams are called, have won numerous national championship titles in a number of sports, particularly Men's and Women's Basketball. But a different type of physical activity in the basketball arena is making headlines these days: the UConn HuskyTHON, an annual event that just raised more than $1 million for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center!

HuskyTHON is, essentially, a dance marathon. Participating students come together in the UConn gym and start dancing—and they don't stop for 18 hours. But the fundraising efforts start long before the actual marathon. Students recruit donors and supporters all year long, inviting people to pledge funds to honor the dance-tastic effort.

The 2018 HuskyTHON began on Saturday February 17 at 6pm, and ended on Sunday the 18th at 12pm. You can watch as participating students wait in anticipation to hear how much money they raised... and the cheers when they see the total, $1,021,485, their largest donation to date!

HuskyTHON is one of the largest student-run philanthropic events in New England. To learn more about the fundraiser, click here.

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