How You Should Have Fun This July

Go see:

RED 2premiers July 19.

Total Film

Dame Helen Mirren is an ex-covert ops agent who kicks butt in the name of world peace. That's all I should have to say to get you to see this. Since some of us have no idea what this movie is, I'll extrapolate: as a die-hard fan of the prequel, RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous), I cannot wait for the next action-packed chapter. It has the same all-star cast as the first installment, plus the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the inimitable Anthony Hopkins to boot. This will be worth the $10+ ticket to see on the big screen.

Legends of Summer Tour, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z. Kicking off July 17 in Toronto, ON.

What could be better than seeing "Mirrors," and "Suit And Tie" live? Seeing it AND seeing Jay-Z live. Don't worry, you don't have to trek all the way to Canada if you can't travel too far. The unstoppable, perfectly matched duo will be stopping in major cities all over the country.

Go read:

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls, by David Sedaris.


It comes as no surprised that Sedaris's latest book made the top 10 Indie Best-sellers list for non-fiction titles. The guy could write about grass clippings and any Sedaris fan would peak through the first ten pages, just to see what he could have possibly come up with.  NY Times literary critic, Janet Maslin, says that the bits of "oddball minutiae" in this book are like "rasins to Rasin Bran." If you want an easy, quirky and wickedly witty read this summer, Sedaris is your man.

Bad Monkey, by Carl Hiassen


The last time I read Hiassen was Skinny Dip, a dryly hilarious satire on the American condition of being married to a felon. That's a thing right? With Bad Monkey, Hiassen slathers his canvas with a picture of ambition, greed, and completing a project for the mere sake of feeling useful, even if it gets us killed. Andrew Yancy is an ex-detective whose new life as a restaurant inspector is interrupted by a dismembered arm that was fished out of the water by an unsuspecting tourist. The freak accident is, fortunately for us readers, not an accident at all. You won't regret seeing how Yancy embarks on the largest, most ill-advised citizen's arrest ever. Not to mention, Maslin recommended this on her list of Beach Reads.

Watch these:

So You Think You Can Dance, already airing.


We hear about it each year and many of us think, oh, it's just American Idol with ball-changes. This is a misplaced reaction, and that opinion is wrong--yes, wrong. Dead wrong. Sure, there's the voting thing, which is unnecessarily dramatic, but the performances will move your body on the couch like strings on a puppet. We especially love it because of all the endorphins (happy cells) that dancing releases in the brain. The top 20 have already been picked so you've got to tune in now to see some stunning performances. Even if you don't need no stinking endorphins, watch this clip and tell me you don't want more.

The Newsroom, premier date: July 14


If there's any show that will make you want to become a reporter, this is it. The cast, loaded with the likes of Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer and Olivia Munn, delivers amazing performances and convinces viewers that no other actors would be better suited for the roles Aaron Sorkin created. The show follows a fictional news show in light of real events. If anything, it portrays an extreme picture of professional news people against their personal lives. The drama is cut nicely with doses of humor. The show is only in it's second season, so catching up won't be a problem if you need to. In fact, I'm jealous that you have a whole season to plow through like one, epic episode.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?, premier date: July 16

Deviant Art

Like wine, comedians get better with age. Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochri are coming BACK, and as is evidenced by the sneak preview of the new season, they've still got it. Drew Carey is busy with The Price Is Right, so the hosting shoes will be filled by Aisha Taylor, and I'm not mad about it. Taylor has proven her comedic chops with her role as Agent Lana Kane in Archer, the cartoon comedy about a dysfunctional spy agency. I'm excited.

Listen to this:

If you need a fantastic summer playlist, you should check out what HooplaHa rounded up. If you want to dive into an album of one band's jams, then I recommend the following albums in case you missed them:

Grinning Streakby Barenaked Ladies, released March, 2013


Even if you're not a Barenaked Ladies fan, you can bob along to their latest album. Their signature 90s rock style is not lost, yet the sound they started with has definitely grown and made room for the millenials. "Odds Are," already on Megan's list, "Limits," and "Did I Say That Out Loud?" are particularly suited for a wider and younger audience. The rest of the album will surely call up memories of "It's All Been Done," and "One Week."

Modern Vampires of the Cityby Vampire Weekend released June 2013.


If you ever wondered what Vampires might sound like in the 50s, I have the answer! Or rather, Vampire Weekend just created it. A wonderful blend of retro and Indie sounds will have you cruising down an evening road with the windows down, air pushing your bangs back. For lack of a better word, the album is just plain cool. All vocal alterations, like auto-tune, are clearly intentional, creating an effect that puts modern technology in the anachronistic marriage of Indie pop and 50s rock. The choruses of "Unbelievers," and "Step" will absolutely get stuck in your head.

Nom on this:

Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with an epic hotdog.

My other, equally fabulous intern, Tom, created the most epic list of hot dog recipes on Earth for Memorial Day celebrations. Seeing as how July is the month of the hot dog, you probably want to try at least a few of these one-of-kind renditions of an American classic.

Enjoy the Tour de France with a French wine.

French Institute Alliance Française

We all deserve a glass of wine after a day of work. Invite some friends over to turn on the Tour de France, and pop a couple corks to enjoy some R&R. The race has already begun and will end July 21, so it's not too late to tune in! And it's never too late for a good Pinot.

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