How You Should Have Fun This August

Go see:

Preview* the revival of Romeo and Juliet, starring Orlando Bloom. Preview is August 24.

Who doesn't love it when a movie star hits the stage? Who also doesn't love revivals? No one! You're right! Especially since R&J is the only Shakespeare play we can pretend to follow without a scholar near by. This play, full of all the teenage melodrama and angst you can't bare to feel but can't help but enjoy from afar, will be all the better with Legolas  Orlando Bloom playing none other than young Romeo himself. Get tickets here.

*A theatrical preview is a paid show where the director and writers sit in the back and gauge audience reactions to see what works and what doesn't. It's kind of like being part of the show, or at least as much a part of it as an audience member can be. Funnn.

Planes. Premiers August 9.

Empire Cinemas

In the same universe as Cars, we follow Dusty Crophopper, a crop duster/underdog that competes with sleeker planes in a race around the world. This flick was originally developed as a direct-to-video release, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the studio deemed it "flightworthy" enough (har har) to take it to the big screen. This is a good reason to see it, because when the folks at Pixar make a decision like this, it means they have faith in the film's quality and its future success. Despite the underwhelmed response to Cars 2, I think it's worthy of our time. Pixar's award history alone is enough to credit their judgement, and as a lover of movies intended for children a full decade younger than me, I believe this is good news.

Go read: 

What the Family Needed. Released March 21, 2013


A book with superpowers, and without the melodrama. Follow seven members of a dysfunctional family as they acquire curious abilities ranging from telepathy, to flight, to making people fall in love at the touch of hand. What makes this supernatural story so refreshingly "normal" is that the powers don't give the characters an easy out from their problems. In fact, the powers only exaggerate them to the point where they have no option but to confront their biggest issues and accept who they are. This is a story with brilliant nuances, twists, and a realness that reads too good to put down. See my full review on Goodreads if you're not convinced yet--I could go on about this one all day.

 Listen to this:

Gavin Degraw's new single, "Best I Ever Had"

Hot New Song Lyrics

Equal parts soulful and energetic, Degraw's latest single sounds like a war cry for love. It was released in June, but on account of how little I've heard about it, I'm guessing you might not have made its way on to your radar either. If you need to sing at the top of your lungs, stomp your feet and tell someone or everyone in the room that you love them, this is the song you'll be beating your chest to. Check it out:

The Civil Wars' new album, The Civil Wars. Release date: August 6.


For anyone who remembers/still blasts "Barton Hollow" in the car, you are excited about the folk duo's second album debut. And for those of you yet to experience the sultry, bad assery that is this deep country gem, have a listen:

It's the kind of music you drink whiskey to--whiskey, the kind of drink you cheers the end of summer with. When it releases, this album is sure to have tracks that you'll add to various playlists.

Watch this:

U.S. OpenStarts August 26

New York Times

If you haven't given tennis a chance, do it. It might seem like a glorified game of ping-pong now, but trust me, you'll be engrossed, or at least hypnotized. As the yellow ball rockets back and forth, meeting a loud, "URGH!" from the players on each side, you'll be brought to more the edge of your seat than you might expect.

Nom on this:

Skillet Peach Cobbler

Zip List

August is Peach Month, which means you better get ready to stuff your face with the fuzzy fruit, lest you bring dishonor to this clearly established month-long dedication. Try the masterpiece pictured above with this recipe and you won't be sorry. SIDE NOTE: How do we get to peach-picking? Can that be the summer alternative to apple-picking? Please?

Spooky Pooches Compete in Halloween Costume Contest!

Everyone could use a few more smiles in their daily lives…and watching a funny video will often do the Trick... or Treat! OnlyGood TV celebrates Halloween with videos that highlight all the costumes, candies, and things that go bump in the night that makes this holiday fun for kids of all ages.

To celebrate Halloween, Urban Pooch canine life center held a "spooktacular" Halloween Costume Contest for their furry friends in Chicago! Dogs dressed in costume to compete for prizes and enjoyed an afternoon of Halloween fun.

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Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Lights Up A Zoo!

If you've been looking for inspiration to go all in on your passions, this video might do it! John Reckner's passion is for what he calls "illuminated artwork." The best method he found for creating such art was lightly carving the exterior skin of pumpkins, so that a candle inside the pumpkin would provide back-lighting for the designs. The end result is enchanting!

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MLB Ladies Come Together to Help Foster Kids Feel Beautiful - OG Sports with Scott Stanford (E6)

OG Sports is an OGTV series all about the inspirational sports stories you love to hear. Veteran Sports anchor Scott Stanford will interview unique and uplifting sports heroes and members of organizations who, in their own way, are trying to change the world for the better through sports.

In this episode, Scott talks to Tori Murphy, a former school teacher who is the Founder of Prom Series, a program that provides a Foster Girl and her family with an unforgettable pre-prom evening of shopping and styling guidance and gifts. Tori, the wife of MLB star Daniel Murphy, has gotten several MLB teams as well as other wives and girlfriends on board to provide a personalized experience that makes each of the prom girls feel special.

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Halloween Has Gone To The Dogs!

You can almost feel the wind in your hair as you watch them run free: the pup family of Hooplaha's hit web series Life In The Dog House are in full Halloween mode, dashing from the corn maze to the pumpkin patch and back home. Seeing the joy on these dogs' faces is like a balm for the soul.

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Pet Tiger Rescued Back to Health - Aria The Tiger

Aria was owned by a loving family, but it wasn't enough. By the time wildlife experts stepped in, she could hardly have been in worse condition. At 200 pounds underweight, Aria needed more than her private owners could give. They were simply unable to care for her specific needs.

"Dogs and cats get sent back to The Pound," noted curator Kathryn Bertok from Carolina Tiger Rescue. "What do you do with a tiger that now needs a home?"

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Halloween Puppy Crafts with Carm

Do you LOVE Halloween crafts? Well, no need to search Pinterest. The Life in the Dog House ladies show you a few nifty, easy DIY projects with a holiday twist.

Carm, the pups' grandma, makes a cool Halloween inspired night light, a festive tutu for Gremmy, and bat wings for Dave. And of course, the dogs have to be involved, too! Watch the Fall fun this gang is having.... the dogs are adorable in their costumes!

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Series - Only Good Heroes

This Hero's "Flags of Gratitude" Celebrate Essential Workers - Only Good Heroes (E20)

In the OnlyGood TV original series, Only Good Heroes, you'll meet some remarkable individuals and organizations who are making a huge difference in communities across the country, sparking action that pulls people together to battle the impact from this pandemic.

In this episode, host Lucia Nazzaro talks with 11-year-old Callie Danysh who showed great ingenuity when her Cub Scout service project to honor a local hero was put on hold due to Covid19. Instead of shutting down, Callie pivoted to a new idea - a display of artistically drawn flags with warm messages of kindness and support that are delivered to First Responders and Healthcare Workers all around her Morris Township, New Jersey community.

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Halloween Fun Run Features Characters Big and Small

What's more fun than a race on a beautiful day with runners decked out in crazy Halloween costumes?

Welcome to the St. Louis Halloween Run, Missouri's largest 10k race. It attracts over 6,000 runners and walkers of all ages and abilities, who got into the Halloween spirit to compete for fun, cash prizes and pumpkin pies.

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