How To Date

1. Be the Prince

Many of us wait for Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet. That's because it's easier to wait in slumber while someone else sleighs the dragon of self-doubt in order to build up the courage to say hi. Be the prince! Stop waiting for it, and go for it. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, which means now's your best chance.

2. Listen

When your date is talking, don't just listen with your face while you think of what to say when it's your turn to speak. Worry less about having something rehearsed. Your date will be more charmed by your interest in him or her, not the stellar delivery of your job description, or your keen interest in chalk art.

3. Be a ham

Indulge your date when she asks you about yourself. Don't give a crappy 'yes' or 'no' answer--that's the kind of answer a suspect gives a cop. You are not being interrogated, you are being given the gift of talking about yourself. Show your gratitude with a little effusiveness. Trust me, it's fun.

4. Be mindful of your pride

Be not only mindful of the First Deadly Sin itself, but also of what you take pride in. It's fine to share that you are proud of the work you do, or of the people you love. It's not fine to be proud that you were born with a straight nose. You didn't do that, biology did.

5. Be interesting

Neither you, nor anyone else, is cute enough for it to carry you through a whole relationship. There will always be someone cuter, but there won't always be someone that thinks in the exact same way as you. Showing up to the date isn't enough. You've got to prove you're the only you.

6. Laugh

Laughing will help you relax. It's actually proven to relieve tension and anxiety, and not for nothin', everyone likes the funny guy. If you couple this with charm and chivalry, there's a good chance you'll be asked out again.

7. Know who pays when.

If you ask someone to drive to your town, you should pay most of the bill. You should also pay more if you initiate the date. You are asking someone if he will let you take him out to dinner, so it's your job to be a good host. Don't let the scales of power tip too much in one direction.

8. Be courteous to those around you.

A nice person who isn't nice to the wait staff is not a nice person. Neither, for that matter, is someone who talks loudly at a movie. You don't want people to think you can't be taken out in public. You're an adult, not a neanderthal cloned from the stone age.

I wanted to repost this article because the staff has taken an interest in dating myths. One of which is that men prefer "ladies," who are modest when it comes to mealtime. Our new talent, Shanda Freeman, took to the streets and asked everyday guys what they thought. I think you'll like what she found out. Click here to watch!

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