Holiday Gift Ideas on a Budget

You can’t turn on the TV without seeing the latest doorbuster commercial or new gift fad that everyone has to buy or else the holidays will be ruined. But think about the gifts that aren’t going to end up in a yard sale a few years down the road. There are things you can give that cost barely anything but will create a lifetime of memories.


Make a record


Take some time with your relatives and a video camera or a smartphone and sit down and bring out your inner Oprah. Older generations will appreciate the time you take to learn some of your family history and younger generations will appreciate the gift in years to come even if it’s not the latest videogame.


Make a cookbook


Like a video diary, this is a great way to capture memories for recipients and future generations. Gathering favorite family recipes will be a great gift for current and future family members and will create an excuse to call up all the friends and family you’ve been meaning to get in touch with and share some favorite memories.


Use your closet as a department store

Source: Apartment Therapy

There’s no shame in regifting. Some of the things you’ve been storing and forgotten about will make meaningful gifts to others and will be passed on for generations. Clothes, books, jewelry, and anything else you’ve been hanging on to, come with the kind of memories and sentimental value that can’t be found on Amazon or eBay.


Make your own gift cards


Gift cards are one of the biggest rackets around. Most of us have hundreds of dollars sitting around in purses, wallets, and desk drawers waiting to be cashed in. This year, make your own gift coupons personalized to the recipient. Instead of movie passes, make gift certificates where you take your parent or friend to a movie. Instead of dining gift cards, make coupons where you cook someone a meal, or if you can’t cook, take them out. The point is to give gifts that give your time and love and not just your money.

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