Here's Your Feel Good Playlist For Summer 2013

1. Treasure - Bruno Mars

From the album, Unorthodox Jukebox. Lady killer, Bruno Mars, has made another song to make the opposite sex’s heart skip a beat with ‘Treasure’ a retro-meets-pop song I cannot get out of my head, hard as I try.

2. BraveSara - Bareilles

Sara Bareilles has done it with another upbeat song that always makes us want to sing along whether we know the words or not. This comes on and I want to do whatever I feel like without a care in the world. The music video is ADORABLE as it features a colorful group of individuals dancing awkwardly/kind of really well in public. The actual public's reactions are just as priceless

3.  Shine On - Florida Georgia Line

"Shine On" by the country band Florida Georgia Line has the classic Country feel that summer begs for. The laid-back, clap-along beat will turn the most adamant country haters into fans.

4.   Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 

Here's an alternative jam with a heavy  percussion that evokes the sudden urge to rock your head to the beat. Perfect soundtrack for a summer thunderstorm, or a night run along the beach.

5. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody feat. Q-Tip & GoonRock - Fergie

Those of you who saw The Great Gatsby will recognize this song. This Roaring Twenties/club jam was featured in the first party scene at Gasby’s house. Fergie’s song "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" has that dance/techno feel, which switches between an older style of music with a piano and trumpet. Take my word for it, this song is the “bees knees.”

6.Whirring - The Joy Formidable

The Welsh alternative rock band, The Joy Formidable, makes me want to dance in an open field to this song. Don't deny it, you want to too. I had never heard of these guys until writing this post, but I'm glad my research led me to them!

7. San Francisco - The Mowgli's

What would summer be without a song about love? The Mowgli's are the quintessential feel-good California band, and "San Francisco" is by far the best song about love I've heard in a long time. You won't not dance. That's a promise.

8. I lived - One Republic

One Republic released "I Lived" on their latest album, Native in March, but I can't help but imagine playing this while watching fireworks or jumping around a bonfire like a wild person. This song, as well as many other songs on the album, are too catchy to not put on repeat.

9. Here’s to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is back with her new song ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up.’ Still rocking the same style and sound from Sk8er Boi, she sings about how its okay to act like a kid in a world that wants nothing more from us than to grow up.

10. That Girl - Justin Timberlake

JT's new album "The 20/20 Experience" is filled with jazzy songs that have set the everyone's head to a slow bob. Most popular is "Mirrors," but personally, I think "That Girl" deserves a spot on your next mix.

11. Only Wanna Dance With You - Ke$ha

It's good to know that Ke$ha uses her personal experiences to inspire her song writing. You can't help but think of that summer crush when ‘Only Wanna Dance With You,’ comes on.

12. Odds Are - Barenaked Ladies

If you've tuned in at all to the music scene, The Barenaked Ladies' new album, Grinning Streak comes at no surprise to you. If the album is like the song ‘Odds Are’ they can just take my money because I am in love with it.

13. This is What It Feels Like feat. Trevor Guthrie - Armin Van Buuren

Listen to Armin: You can't make it down the road with one headlight, you need two, which I assume is a metaphor for having a special someone to drive with--probably while listening to this song, because it's catchy and romantic like WHOA.

14. DONE. - The Band Perry

Not finding much luck in the romance department? Join the club, we've all been there. For those who have been pinched pitter by love, this song is our anthem. DONE. is just what the doctor ordered to forget that disastrous past relationship and move on with your life, dancing to a good beat and into a brighter tomorrow.

15. I Could Be The One - Avicii Vs. Nicky Romero

All right, bear with me. I know this came out December last year, but every song deserves a summer, and darn it, this one's getting it in 2013. The home-hitting line is, "I could be the one to set you free." In every sense of the word, summer sets does just that. No bulky clothes, no hiding from the cold, sleeping outside--summer is the season for freeing yourself and this song is the one that will be in your when you jump, fully clothed, into the water.

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